Hi Welcome to ZenGarden!
Zen Garden is Garden and Landscape HTML Template, it's focused for Garden and Landscape Company. ZenGarden Build using latest technology with clean and modern design. Zen Garden template used Bootstrap for flexibility, and developed with HTML5, CSS3 for modern web standard. You can modified this template, because Zen Garden have 3 Different homepage layout, 3 Header Variations and many feature that can be switcher with your feels and looks.

The Package

This Theme download package contains of 2 folder, the folder is "documentation" and "html". The main file of html file is under folder "html", and here the structure of file from of this theme.

JS Files

  • bootstrap.min.js
    bootstrap js framework
  • config.js
    All setting of jquery used for this theme
  • contact-form.js
    used for contact form
  • isotope.pkgd.min.js
    used for filterlable on portfolio
  • jquery.countTo.js
    used for numeric counter
  • jquery.easypiechart.js
    used for circular bar
  • jquery.flexslider-min.js
    used for slideshow
  • jquery.maps.js
    used for google map plugin
  • jquery.min.js
    jquery framework
  • jquery.parallax.js
    used for parallax background
  • jquery.scrollUp.js
    used for scroll to top
  • jquery.sscr.js
    used for smoth scroll
  • jquery.sticky.js
    used for sticky menu
  • jquery.waypoints.min.js
    used for scroll event
  • modernizr.min.js
    jvascript modernizr framework
  • owl.carousel.min.js
    used for carousel
  • smartmenu.min.js
    used for menu
  • tether.min.js
    javascript tether

CSS Files

  • animate.min.css
    used for animate on some grid content
  • bootstrap.min.css
    contain bootstrap css framework
  • flexslider.css
    contain styling of slider
  • font-awesome.min.css
    contain font awesome icon stylesheet
  • foundstrap.css
    contain foundstrap css framework (additional framework)
  • iconcrafts.css
    contain icon craft stylesheet
  • owl-carousel.css
    contain owl carousel stylesheet
  • responsive.css
    contain media queries stylesheet
  • smartmenu.min.css
    contain smart menu stylesheet
  • style.css
    contain stylesheet for this theme

HTML Structure

The layout in this theme is very flexible because this use "grid" system, so you can make any configuration of column (please refer the "column.html" for some sample of column). In this case I give example if you use 2 column, which one column is maincontent and one again is sidebar. All of the information within the maincontent area is nested within a div with an class of "col-md-8" and for sidebar is nested within an class of "col-md-4". Navigation menu is within a div with an class of "menu-container". The general template structure is the same throughout the template. Here is the general structure :

Site Structure

The page have five main blocks : header, pagetitle, content, and footer each block consisting of each element present in it.


We must add 3 variant logo, for default logo, sticky logo and for responsive logo, to edit the logo you can simply replace the "logo.png" for header logo file into the img folder, if you intend to use a png file. Default size for header logo is 206 x 40 pixel, I recommend to use 2x the size of a normal size, because it will look good on retina devices


Menu at this theme is use horizontal menu style, and it use "li" to make menu and use "li" under "li" if you want make dropdown menu. If you want make active some menu please use class="active" in active menu that you want.

Gallery Filter

To undestand how gallery filter work, first you must create each category on gallery filter list, on this example I will give name ".maintenance", ".decoration", and ".protection". If you look on HTML file this will like this.

Now you just need add a class of your "category" on each "li" of your gallery, see the image below

How to change Map location ?

At "contact.html" and "index.html" go to bottom on javascript area, you must set "latitude" point and "longitude" point. To know your position coordinates or latitude and longitude please visit : http://universimmedia.pagesperso-orange.fr/geo/loc.htm

Change latitude and longitude also don't forget change the latitude and longitude for marker icon with your value.

How to setting Contact Form ?

To setting contact form, please open file "sendmail.php" and change with your email on the line 21.

How to make a new Favicon ?

First you must make image on size 32x32 pixel, and save in png format, after that go to this site : http://tools.dynamicdrive.com/favicon/ and create your "favicon.ico" there and replace the old "favicon.ico" in image folder with your new favicon.ico

How to update

from 1.0 to 1.0.1

replace style.css and responsive.css to newest version

if you use testimonials, please add strong tag inside cite to fix mobile portrait responsive, (see testimonials on index.html)
before :
William Franklin
<span>Manager at Adelis</span>
after :
<strong>William Franklin</strong>
<span>Manager at Adelis</span>

How to update

from 1.0.1 to 1.1
Log Update :
  • - Update to Bootstrap v4.5.3
  • - Update to jQuery v3.5.1
  • - Update to Smartmenus v1.1.1
  • - Update to Flexslider v2.7.2
  • - Update to animate.css v4.1.1
  • - Update to scrollup v2.4.1
  • - Update to isotope v3.0.6
  • - Update to easyPieChart v2.1.6
  • - Update to gmaps.js v0.4.25
  • - Add to jQuery Lightbox - VenoBox v1.9.1
  • - Remove jQuery smoothscroll
  • - Adjust class animate, from "animated" to "animate__animated", follow new update animate.css on https://animate.style
  • - Fix HTML input group subscribe form on footer with Newest Bootstrap Input Group
  • - Remove equal-hieght class from "theme_gridEqual" on config.js
  • - Move from Documentation to Online Documentation

How to update

from 1.1 to 1.2
Log Update :
  • - Update to Version 1.2
  • - Update to Bootstrap v4.6.0
  • - Update to jQuery v3.6.0
  • - Add imagesLoaded.js v4.1.4
  • - Add "flex-content-overlay" on slideshow
  • - Fix Isotope does not work when the first page load on Gallery
  • - Fix line-height form for custom-select
  • - Make footer button subscribe form for mobile to "width: 100%"
  • - Update image Preview

Sources & Credits

All image use on this theme are free and from :

All icon use on this theme are free and from :

And some garden icon from iconcrafts.com
* we already have permission to use iconcraft

Once again, thank you so much for purchasing this theme. As I said at the beginning, I'd be glad to help you if you have any questions relating to this theme. No guarantees, but I'll do my best to assist. If you have a more general question relating to the themes on ThemeForest, you might consider visiting the forums and asking your question in the "Item Discussion" section.

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